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last night while i was downtown sending money to a distressed person in korea a couple of things
happened that represents two different sides of change or evolution/revolution inside a society.

#1 a young saudi man approached a filipino vendor asking how much for one pack of fish crackers the
teenager said that the vendor will die w/ him if he gets food poisoning,right after that he opened
the flap cover of the ipad his carrying w/ him showing a porn movie w/ the female part in close up
w/ finger action,he was laughing and saying things cackling to himself while he walks away. all the filipinos
standing there who saw that has almost no reaction whatsoever its not a big deal for us i think, in our country
12 yearold girls will walk up to you holding a collection of porn cd covers so you can choose w/c one to buy,
she will do this with a smile on her face while saying that you will
have a discount if you buy 5 XD

#2 a black painted car passed us by slowly i saw the driver was wearing an abaya
(black clothing covering the head body and even the whole face) so i assumed its a woman
driving that car in the middle of a slightly heavy trafficy road (its illegal for women to drive a car in saudi arabia)
the driver was honking the horn while the car passed by the area a tent where the mutawa(its like a police for their religion)
meats up slowly a lot of people noticed and they realized its a woman since the driver was wearing an abaya though there are
a lot of incidents that men wears them to play pranks or take advantage of women, but if that was a real girl driving a car then
you go sister! woohoo!!!

diyubaku Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
whahahahha nakakatawa ang mga arabo.
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June 21, 2015


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